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Welcome to Habazar Search Engine Optimization

We Are Experts At Getting Your On Line Presence Noticed. Our Marketing consultants have many years of experience in help Local business to get noticed.

Google Maps Optimisation

Google Maps searches are an Important element in your overall business presence on the Internet. Our team of experts can help you to get you Local Business Listed in the coveted top 3 listings of Google maps. Contact Us for a FREE Consultation TODAY!

We Specialise in Google My Business (GMB) Optimisation

Our team of GMB optimisation specialists will review your current GMB and then make specific recommendations to dramatically improve your current listing. Your GMB Listing is your prospects Window to your Business on Line, So you need to ensure that what they see is effective and give them confidence to buy from you or use your Services.

Internet Branding is Important! Have YOU Established YOUR Brand?

Establishing your brand on the Internet is now a vital part of any on line business's overall status on the internet, We have been teaching internet marketing methods for many years and we know how important it is to establish your brand to its maximum potential. Let us Help YOU to get it right!

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Yes, we can get your business listed on Google Search Results. We can establish your business on Google search results, If your Business is already indexed on Google Search results then our SEO Team can improve its position for you. Or if you are not yet on Google our Team of Branding experts will set up a whole Google profile for you and then pass it over to our SEO Team who will then manage the account for you. Call us on +1 737 202 9538 for a FREE initial Consultation.

We have a team of Specialists who are experts at Google Business optimisation. We can improve your Google Maps listing Rankings and we can Get your Google Knowledge panel to show on the first page of google search results. Contact Us today for more details on +1 737 202 9538

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How to get more Google reviews

How Important Are Google Reviews?

On This Page 6. Display Google Reviews on your website Embed Google reviews on any website Display Google Reviews on your website We asked the question "How important are Google Reviews?" because after your website they are perhaps the most important element of establishing and promoting your Companies Brand on the search engines, especially Google Search results.  Obtaining and maintaining your company Google reviews should be considered to be part and parcel of any local SEO or local search engine optimization process of ranking your business website for local search results in your specific area. By obtaining new and fresh reviews it allows your business to show up on google my business maps, display your contact information, business name, address and phone number and ratings from your existing customers and also the URL of your business website. The Local SEO-promotion strategy of your online business is associated with the correct use of keywords with reference to the city or district in which your company or service is based. According to recent statistics, the number of requests indicating the location of your business is associated with the correct use of keywords and the number of requests indicating the location of a business has increased over two years by 90%, with 28% of them ending in conversions. This is important information to take on board because it outlines to any business how important the proper use of Keywords is to...

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How Important Are Google Reviews? How to get more Google reviews On This Page 6. Display Google Reviews on y
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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Habazar SEO

Search engine marketing (SEM), web design, social media marketing, link building and much more.

SEO strategies to rank any website are totally unique for every single business which is why our team of specialists strive to customise our services to meet your individual needs.

That is the reason why we offer flexible SEO packages that allow us to provide various levels of on-page optimisation through metadata improvements, critical keyword research, targeted content and video marketing solutions, off-page optimisation, backlink synchronisation through our own customised blog network and other rank-building activities.

Habazar Internet Marketing is a full-service internet marketing and digital marketing agency that offers a complete portfolio of SEO services tailored to the needs of our client's businesses. 

Call us today for a FREE No-Obligation Consultation on +1 737 202 9538

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We help our business clients achieve their goals and increase their ROI through our digital marketing solutions.
We do not use practices that could put our client's websites (and their business) at risk of Google penalties; We only use tried and tested SEO best practices for your business.
We offer best-in-class solutions at affordable prices.
We provide regular comprehensive reports to keep our clients informed.
We offer the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns.
  • Social media marketing campaigns.
  • Website audit and analytics reports
  • Website designs and redesigns
  • Website hosting
  • Marketing and trade-specific video creations and explainer video creations.

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Allow us to Create and Maintain a profitable Network of Websites that will BOOST the social media presence of your businesses to levels above and beyond anything you will have seen before. 
We can Boost your way to the top of Google Search results in weeks rather than the Months it would take you to build your own network!
We will help you to grow your business and connect you y with prospective clients across all channels of the Social media networks and beyond.

Our professionally crafted and revolutionary Website Creation Systems allows us to create a network of highly optimised, specially crafted websites.
PLUS we then integrate them all into our SUPER SOCIAL media domination strategy. 
We can help businesses to build a powerful brand image and social media presence that your clients will love resulting in more sales and conversion.
Our team of experts are waiting to hear from you.

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